September 5, 2012

Family Vacation in The Outer Banks

So, every year my family vacations at the Outer Banks and we absolutely LOVE it!! For the past several years we’ve been staying in the same house in Nags Head. Well, this year they decided to change things up a little bit. We stayed in Corolla and our house was 8 miles down the beach. I borrowed my grandparents Jeep because I wanted to drive on the beach! Colleen, one of my best friends from Longwood came with us (her 3rd year vacationing with the Claud’s! woo hoo!) At first, I was a little scared and a little stressed out driving on the beach, but once I got the hang of it it was a lot of fun! Plus I absolutely loved waving to all of my Jeep friends. Apparently Jeep’s wave to other Jeep’s…I had no idea until Colleen told me! There’s tons of wild horses in Corolla we saw them pretty much every day and they came right up to the house…it was awesome! My parent’s friends Harry and Flo stayed with us a few days with their girls Hunter and Taylor. Then, later on in the week my Nana and Popee came (my mom’s parents). We had such a wonderful time! I love the Outer Banks SO much and if you haven’t been…you seriously need to plan a trip, you’ll love it! Enjoy all of my photos from the week!

Our house for the week!

Come back little pony!

Everywhere this horse went so did this little bird! Colleen and I decided they were best friends.

Haha…he even flew on his back!


It rained the first few days we were there and it was pretty cloudy that week…but who cares when you’re at the beach!

Dad & Marisa playing in the waves

Anyone who knows me well knows that I do NOT like birds. At all. Especially seagulls. Funny/not so funny story…I was actually attacked by one when I was like 13 and I’ve despised them ever since…they are evil!


Ponies in the backyard!

Hot tub time!

Me and my sissies Erin & Marisa

Colleen and I!

That’s my family!

Family + Nana and Popee

Ponies on the beach!



Colleen, Hunter & Marisa

We went for a walk behind the house and found a park where all the ponies were…jackpot!

Erin, Marisa, Hunter, and Taylor

One of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen! No editing, I promise…just God’s beauty.

If this isn’t proof that seagulls are pure evil…I don’t know what is

One day there were a ton of dolphins close to shore…I wish they jumped though!

Girls being silly on Taylor’s surfboard

Colleen & I went out one day and visited the Currituck lighthouse!

View from the top of the lighthouse!

Colleen and I also went into the town of Duck and bought ducks!

Crazy clouds…

And some scary clouds…

See that tiny funnel forming? Yikes! Didn’t actually do anything but I was scared for a bit.

Dad…beach, corona, and a book. What more could you want?

What a gorgeous day to end the week with!

Happy Wednesday!




  1. FLO

    September 13th, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Great pics Brittany, we had a great time!! Great Week!

  2. Brittany Claud

    September 13th, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Thanks Flo, glad you enjoyed them! It was a GREAT week…wish we were there right now!

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