September 13, 2012

Starting My Own Business

I was contemplating this HUGE decision for the longest time: to start my own business or to not start my own business? Those were the two most dreadful questions. The idea of starting my own business has been in the back of my mind since I was a freshman in college, but I would always make up excuses like I don’t think it would work out or maybe I should do something else. Then, my senior year I got an internship with Richmond Magazine, which I absolutely LOVED! It was such a great experience and I started thinking that I should go the editorial route. Again, setting my business idea aside.  I knew I HAD to make a decision because I JUST graduated from Longwood and I either needed to start job hunting or commit to my own business and I needed to make a decision now!! I don’t know when it actually hit me…some time this summer. I think I had known all along, but I was too scared to commit, too scared to start my own business. There were always the questions: What if I’m not successful? What if I don’t get any clients? Well, I threw those questions out the window because this is what I want to do. Photography makes me happy. People make me happy. I realized that I do NOT want to work full time in a corporate job or anything else, I want to work full time for myself. My parents have always told me to do what you love, what you enjoy most and I truly believe that you should. This will be the next chapter in my life, starting my own photography business. Obviously, right now I am a total newbie in the photography industry, but that’s okay because learning and growing takes time.

There was one person though, one photographer that always helped me keep the idea of starting my own business in mind. That person is Katelyn James. I came across her freshmen year, back when she was Inspired Designs and I have been following her ever since! Watching her business grow in the past four years has been so exciting and it has definitely made me realize that this is what I want to do. She has been such an inspiration to me and I’ve looked up to her all these years and I’m still in complete amazement at everything she has done and continues to do in this industry. She believes in helping other photographers so that we can grow together, as a whole. I completely agree with this and hope that once I gain enough experience and knowledge, I can also do this. The newest thing Katelyn started offering is her Coaching Sessions. The first time I saw her blog this I KNEW I had to do it! Yes, I’m JUST starting out, but really what is a better time than to get one-on-one time with Katelyn?? (holy cow!) So, a little over a month ago I got on Facebook after I got home from work and it popped up in my news feed…Katelyn James Photography: 2 coaching sessions left for September!! OH MY GOSH! November and December were already booked so after seeing that post I freaked out for a while and then finally got it!! Then the screen said Coaching Sessions SOLD OUT. I stared at the computer screen for probably 5 minutes thinking did I just do that? Is this really happening?? YES!! It is!

My Coaching Session was actually suppose to happen yesterday…don’t worry it’s still happening! Unfortunately, I got pretty sick pretty fast and I had to cancel! I was so devastated when I emailed Katelyn on Tuesday. But, I felt horrible and could barely talk, so I knew there’s no way I could have done it Wednesday. However, since Katelyn is SO wonderful we are going to reschedule, which I feel absolutely awful that we have to do, but things happen and you just have to move forward. Today, I am feeling MUCH better and as soon as I know I am 100% back to normal I am emailing her to reschedule! On the bright side, I get to pumped all over AGAIN!! I’m preparing all of my questions for her and every day I’m changing my mind about what I should wear! I know this coaching session will be one of the best things I can do just starting out and I seriously could not be more THRILLED! And because this post is getting super long I will end at this…

Here’s a peek at Jen & Mike’s wedding

Do what you LOVE. Do what you ENJOY. Do what makes you HAPPY. The End.

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