September 21, 2012

Friday Favorites & Fast Forwards

I’ve been wanting to introduce a series to my blog, but could never make my mind up about what I wanted to do! I love reading blogs that have a series. One of my favorites is Zach & Jody‘s “Tuesday Tips and Tricks.” Every Tuesday they blog about photography tips and tricks for photographers and it’s something I can look forward to because I know it will be there every week. Well…I’ve come up with something that I like and I think will be fun and hope y’all think so too! As the title says, my new Friday blog posts will be a series called “Friday Favorites & Fast Forwards.” Basically, I’ve decided to highlight all of my favorite things from the past week both personal and business related and also mention my favorite things coming up for the weekend, hence the fast forward. So, here ya go…my first post in the series!

This Week’s Favorites

  • I am not sick any more! HALLELUJAH! I had a nasty virus that lasted a little over a week and I finally feel 100% back to normal. I even had to cancel my Coaching Session with Katelyn James which leads to my next favorite thing that happened this week…
  • I got to reschedule my session with Katelyn and my session will be next Thursday!!! I am BEYOND excited!!!

  • My diploma FINALLY came in!!! I cannot tell you how excited I was! I graduated from Longwood May 12th and they said it would take roughly 6-8 weeks until we get our diplomas. I waited and waited and talked to my friends and they had all gotten theres. It was August, then September and I still hadn’t gotten it. Then it finally came in and I screamed! One, because it was actually here but really because it was already matted and framed!!! My parents told me that it arrived back in June but they got it matted and framed as a surprise for me and I LOVE it! So, sorry Longwood for blaming you

  • Wednesday I got to spend time with my Nana and we went out to lunch. I’m lucky to still have all four of my grandparents and be so close to them.
  • The other night I got to talk to one of my BEST friends Lauren! She lives in Georgia, where I grew up. We met when we were 8 and were inseparable until we moved to Virginia about 3 years later. We’ve kept in touch ever since I moved here in 2000 and try to see each other once a year. I love her to pieces and it’s so nice when we get to talk!
  • Because I love my pups and they are spoiled I got both Freddie and Lucky treats from the Three Dog Bakery! Their “cheeseburgers” were gone in like 2 seconds.

  • And finally today I get to have lunch with one of my best friends Bray…Jessica Bray. We’ve been friends since freshman year of college and we liked her last name better than her first, so Bray just kind of stuck. It confuses me when people call her Jessica haha. Oh and we’re eating at the Baker’s Crust! One of my favorite restaurants!

Fast Forwards

  • I’m still catching up on things from being sick so I am hoping for a productive weekend!
  • And I feel like trying out a new recipe so I might cook or bake something sweet! Any suggestions?
  • I have a portrait session with an adorable little girl on Sunday…look out for Hunter’s gorgeous little face on the blog next week!
Okay that’s all for this week! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!
  1. Moe

    September 21st, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    I didn’t know your middle name was Morgan! (that’s what Moe is short for you know…..)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Brittany Claud

    September 23rd, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Hey Moe just saw this! Haha yep Morgan’s my middle name and I knew 😉 hope you had a great weekend!

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