September 28, 2012

Friday Favorites & Fast Forwards

So…for all of you that saw last week’s blog post you know that this is my new blog series that I will blog about every Friday.

This Week’s Favorites

  • For those of you that don’t know…the MOST exciting news this week was my Coaching Session with Katelyn James yesterday!!! Oh my goodness what an awesome, FUN, and productive day we had!! Here’s a sneak peek of a couple shots of Katelyn…gosh she’s gorgeous! I’ll do a whole post on my coaching session Monday so be sure to check the blog for more!
  • I had a very productive work week and am slowly getting use to this work from home thing. Sometimes it can be really hard to motivate yourself to actually wake up even if you don’t have to be anywhere. I am so excited and happy that I will be working for myself and starting my own business but it definitely takes a ton of motivation and dedication!! So, I’m slowly figuring out what works for me and how to make my work days at home productive.
  • I did a super cute session with the adorable Hunter! We did a “dress-up” shoot in her Mom’s wedding gown and they are just so precious! If you missed the blog post you can check it out here:
  • I finally got to see my best friend Matt!! We’re so close…so it’s really weird when we go even one week without seeing each other! So glad I got to catch up with him this week!
  • Purchased the new Mumford & Sons album and I LOVE it! I’ve been listening to that and the new DMB album non-stop…the dangers of having an iPhone and purchasing music instantly (but it’s awesome!)

Fast Forwards

  • I’m looking forward to spending time with family this weekend
  • Trip to Maymont this Saturday…it will be SO pretty this time of year. The weather is perfect right now!
  • I’m having a girl date on Sunday with two of my favorite people…Jessy and Bray. Can’t wait to see them, sip some wine, and catch up!!

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