October 10, 2012

Motivation & Working From Home

Sometimes it’s hard working for yourself. I don’t have to wake up and be somewhere at a certain time. I don’t have to dress up and my lunch break can be as long as I want it to be. However, this shouldn’t be how it is. I am running my own business. I am my boss and so I need to work Monday through Friday and I need to be on a set schedule. This can be hard sometimes because I don’t physically have to be anywhere. I can roll out of bed, go straight to my desk and work for as long as I want. I’ve quickly learned that I need to set a schedule for myself in order to function like a normal person and avoid staying up all night. This is my goal and it will require a lot of motivation, but I think it will make things run much smoother and I will finally be on a normal schedule. My goal is to set 8 hour work days for myself Monday through Friday and whatever I don’t get done within those hours will roll over onto the next day.

So for anybody else that is working at home here are some tips from what I have learned so far:

  • Set an hourly “office” schedule for yourself Monday through Friday
  • Allow X amount of minutes/hours to spend on emails…otherwise you’ll end up responding to emails ALL day
  • Make to-do lists every night for the next day…I’ve been doing this lately and it’s been really helpful (I don’t think I could get anything done without lists or sticky notes!!)
  • Make sure family and friends understand and respect your work schedule. Even though you are working from home, you and everyone else should still treat it as any other job
  • Put the alarm clock on the other side of the room…haha this one is definitely for me because I am horrible about getting up in the mornings

And because I realize this was probably a boring post…here is a recent photo of my family (Mom’s side). Notice how Danny…my Popee and Nana’s dog is front and center!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Wednesday!

  1. Jolynn

    October 11th, 2012 at 5:14 am

    Great points! I’m still struggling with setting a schedule vs. staying up all night! I agree with the point about making lists the night before, though. Very helpful! =)

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