October 15, 2012

Learning Curves: Window Light

There are still a lot of things I am learning about photography as well as the business side of things. I always love learning though and looking back and seeing how I’ve already grown. In this industry I will never stop learning and I LOVE that! So…I figured I would share my “learning curves” with any other photographers out there or just anyone who’s interested! I’m actually considering making this a new blog series so I’d definitely love some feedback and love to know what you think!

For this post I’ll be talking about window light and getting ready photos. So this post is actually for photographers AND brides!

I am a natural light photographer so I mainly work with natural light from the sun. During a session I will seek out a location not necessarily based on the location itself but how the light is in that location! If the light is great…we are going to get some awesome portraits!!! And then sometimes…photographers just get lucky and the ideal lighting is in the perfect location!

For examples I’m going to use photos from Emily & Alex’s wedding I shot in September

  • Make sure to have a source of window light in the room where you are getting ready…this allows for natural tones and colors and BEAUTIFUL photographs! Artificial lighting can cause color casts such as yellow (tungsten) or blue (fluorescent) and we do NOT want those! Thanks to Abby I will remember to turn off them lights!

 Check out that LIGHT! My only source of light in these photos is coming in from that tiny window. And see what I mean how us photographers get lucky sometimes…because this was shot in a CLOSET! This is the most gorgeous closet I have ever seen!

  • Follow the light!! If you think it might be weird to shoot in a closet who cares! If there’s gorgeous natural light/window light…use it and it will help you capture some amazing portraits!
  • Window light is also GREAT for detail shots. For these images…I wanted my detail shots to be consistent. I already knew I had amazing light to work with so I photographed most of the details right in the window sill.

  •  Want to get some dress shots but don’t know where to hang the bride’s dress?? How about it a doorway with some gorgeous light pouring through!!

And here’s a few more still only using window light…

Hope this was helpful to both photographers and brides out there! Like I said I’m thinking of making a blog series out of this so be sure to look out for more “learning curves” posts as I continue to grow as a photographer and small business owner!

Have a Happy Monday!

  1. Jolynn

    October 16th, 2012 at 6:06 am

    Love it! This would definitely make a great series!

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    October 19th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

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