October 22, 2012

Photographers I Follow

So today I thought it would be fun to share with you all the photographers I admire and follow. I always love finding new photographers to follow! A lot of these photographers I have found through other photographers blogs and so I wanted to share them with you. Following these photographers and keeping up with their blogs has helped me A TON! They are all amazing and I follow them for different reasons. I actually keep a list that I am constantly adding to on my bulletin board right above my desk. I try to keep up with them daily, which can be rough but I definitely follow them all on a regular basis! Okay enough talking! Here’s the list (in no particular order)…

  • Katelyn James – I’m sure if you’ve been reading my blog you already know how I feel about Katelyn! She’s just really amazing and watching how she’s grown her business the past four years has been the most helpful for the start of mine!
  • Jasmine Star – AHH…I don’t know if I even have words. She is that good!! I love her photography for her classic and editorial style. And I’m making sure I watch all of her Shooting Star videos. She puts so much of herself out there and I’ve learned so much from her!
  • Zach & Jody – Such an awesome husband and wife team!! I’ve gotten a lot of business tips from following their blog. They also did an awesome series recently on budgeting and that was super helpful!
  • Abby Grace – As soon as I started following Abby I immediately was able to connect with her through her blog! She’s an awesome blogger and I love her style and watching as she continues shooting film.
  • Marvelous Things Photography – I haven’t met Tori but I can tell she has such a great personality…it just really shines through on her website, blog, and through the images she captures. I love seeing all of her new work and watching her grow!
  • Jose Villa – Breathtaking!!! Seriously. I admire and am in love with his work so much and love his fine art style. His film work is stunning and he has really inspired me to get back into film! Wedding photographers if you haven’t read his book Fine Art Wedding Photography…go get it now!
  • Justin & Mary – Another great husband and wife team!! Their images are absolutely stunning and they capture the most intimate moments…I love following them for inspiration all around!
  • Jodi Miller (& Kurt!) – And…another husband and wife team! I love following them for more film inspiration..they create the most natural images, which I adore! Their work always amazes me!!
  • Elizabeth Messina – Her work is SO incredibly beautiful!!! I still don’t know why I don’t have her book The Luminous Portrait…it needs to happen right now! I would also die to do a workshop with her!!

So, this isn’t a HUGE list, but it’s the top photographers I follow right now and it will continue to grow. I’ve learned so much from all of them and I am so thankful that they share so much of their work and their business.

And here’s some sneak peeks from my sessions this weekend!

Two different sessions…sister love and some brotherly love…SO cute!!!

Have a happy Monday and a great start to the week!

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