November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites & Fast Forwards

How in the world is it already November?? Seriously, it’s crazy! But I am very excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas…it’s my favorite time of the year. Plus, I’m actually okay with it getting cold this year because I just got two new coats!

This Week’s Favorites

  • Even though this technically happened last Saturday I’m still including it! I seriously have the best friends and a few of us got together and went to James River Cellars and did a wine tasting! So much fun plus I now have another wine glass to add to my collection! Then for lunch we went to one of my favorite restaurants…Baker’s Crust. YUM!!!
  • AND it gets better…I thought the birthday festivities were done but I got off late from work and more friends surprised me at my house! I had NO idea! It was hilarious and props to them for surprising me! My friends are the BEST and I love them all!
  • My meeting with my designer was on Sunday. Originally we were going to meet in Fredericksburg but unfortunately Emily was sick so we had a phone meeting instead! This was great too…we chatted for a while and I am SO excited to move forward with my branding!
  • I met with one of my 2013 brides this week! Plus we got to eat sushi…my favorite!!! Win-win!
  • It was Halloween! And since we slacked on things this October…Mom and I decided to decorate, carve pumpkins, and bake/cook all on Halloween! Talk about a busy day! But it was a lot of fun and it was so great to be with family.
  • I am almost done with my first wedding album! I am SO excited about this and I cannot wait to see the finished product. I will do a blog post on my wedding albums soon and I can’t wait to get my first sample album!

Fast Forwards

  • I am upgrading my camera body…woot woot! The big purchase will be made this weekend!
  • Get more work done! Yes, I know it’s the weekend but my list keeps getting bigger and bigger!!
  • I don’t have a crazy weekend…and I’m okay with that!

Now for some photos from Halloween! Enjoy!

My first attempt at a pie! Apple hand pies with a cheddar crust! I slaved over these for 4 hours but it was worth it…they were delicious!!!

Erin & Marisa made monster cookie sandwiches!

Lucky the pumpkin puppy!

My little cousin Jack…I mean Captain Jack Sparrow and my cousin Riley the cowgirl and Erin…the zombie softball player??

The Walking Dead anyone?

Hope everyone had a great week and hope the weekend is even better!

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