January 2, 2013

2013: Goals for the New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and since it’s the New Year I figured I would blog about my goals and resolutions for 2013! Even though I officially started my business at the end of summer last year…I’m counting 2013 as my 1st official year in business! So I’m looking forward to lots of exciting things for Brittany Claud Photography this year!!!

  • My first business goal is to never be “standing still.” I always want to be doing something to help me learn and grow in this industry and I think one of the best ways to do this is by attending workshops! So here’s the BIG one…I will be attending Justin & Mary’s What’s Next Tour in DC on January 17th!!! To say I am PSYCHED would be an understatement! I am so excited and I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away! Justin & Mary are amazing photographers and leaders and I cannot wait to learn incredible business advice from Mary and super awesome lighting techniques from Justin! I’m also very excited about meeting and networking with other photographers…I’m SO glad I decided to do this and I think it will be the perfect start for Brittany Claud Photography in 2013!
  • My second goal is to book more weddings for 2013…I want to be primarily a wedding photographer so this is a HUGE goal for me! If you just got engaged or know anyone who has…contact me! I would love to talk to you and I’m now booking for 2013 and 2014!
  • Another goal of mine is actually in progress! It is to really define my brand and give my online presence a “face lift.” I’ve been working with designer Emily Baird and I am SO excited to share everything with you all! Emily has been amazing!! There will be another post on this in the future along with my complete packaging! And here’s a peek of the new look…
  • More Facebook “likes” for 2013! I really appreciate all of the love and support…you can “like” my Facebook page here!
  • Continue my business reading and continue learning
  • Be more strict with my budgeting/spending and set aside money for business investments…new camera bag, lenses and and an iMac are totally on this list!
  • Office organization! My “office” is literally part of our living room but I’m just glad I have a space to work…it just seriously needs some help and a little organization!
  • Blog more consistently!!! I know I’ve said this on here before but since it’s a new year I’m saying it again! I’m going to start keeping a blog calendar and hopefully that will help!
  • Matt and I are getting settled into our apartment and it’s finally starting to look like a home…so I’m also making this a goal that we continue to do!
  • Finally go see Chihuly at the VMFA…haha yes I made this a goal because I still haven’t seen it and I’m dying to!!

Those are my main goals so far but I’m sure I will add more to the list! And here’s some sneak peeks from Lisa and Jamie’s session…

Here’s to 2013!!!

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