February 4, 2013


If you live in the Richmond area…I’m sure you already know there’s a really awesome exhibit at the VMFA. CHIHULY. I’ve seen the exhibition twice and it was definitely worth it! What was really cool is that you were allowed to photograph. Not knowing this the first go round…the second time I was prepared!! If you haven’t been yet I definitely recommend checking it out! The exhibit runs through February 10th so there’s a week left to see it! Enjoy some shots I took from the exhibit!

Dad and the girls…Marisa’s pants go so well with the reeds!

Ahh!! My favorite…the Parisian Ceiling. SO Awesome!! Warning: may hurt your neck haha 

This installation was insane! It literally took up the entire room!

I loved this too! It hurt my eyes after a while though haha

Happy Monday!!

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