March 18, 2013

My Best Friend Lauren and My Visit to Asheville

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit one of my best and oldest friends Lauren. Lauren and I first met when we were 7 years old when I lived in Suwanee, Georgia. We immediately became best friends then my family moved to Virginia 3 years later. Lauren and I at least tried to see each other once a year from 2000 on and now we’re both 23 and still best friends even though we live miles apart. Actually, today is Lauren’s birthday and I want to wish her the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday Lauren you are so special to me…not a lot of people can have a friendship like we have had. I love that we can go a long time without talking and then pick up like nothing ever changed. Thank you for always being there and truly being a best friend. I seriously don’t know what I would do without you!

Lauren is in Asheville, NC right now doing her internship and that’s where I went to visit her the other weekend. So here’s some photos from my short weekend trip!

The first night we went to a restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe. It was SO good…looking for some good southern food? Be sure to go here if you’re ever in Asheville! They have these amazing biscuits that were almost the size of my face! YUM!

Out and about in downtown Asheville…I LOVED this wall!!!

Lauren and her roommate Megan!

The Green Sage Cafe…where we started our day off with mimosas!

Lauren and I in the snow!

Inside Grove Arcade…is this a gorgeous building or what?

The Chocolate Lounge! SO amazing…I had my first ever macaron and it was chocolate caramel sea salt…so good!!

On Sunday Lauren and I went up into the mountains to a spa. It was freezing outside but we were in a mineral spring hot tub overlooking the river…so relaxing!

And here’s a view of Asheville at night…taken in the JC Penney parking lot haha. Apparently parking lots in Asheville have amazing views!

And here’s a few more shots of Lauren and I over the years…I wish I had some older ones to show but my Mom has them all!

Happy Birthday Lauren!!! Have an amazing day!

  1. aunt cathy

    March 19th, 2013 at 12:08 am

    What a great trip for you both. Would like you to know that I have two friends that I started first grade with and we are still friends to this day. We are all 62 years young! So glad you have a friend like that!!!

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