August 22, 2014

Flat Penny Dinners: Brunch Edition

My boyfriend Jeremy and Jenn Inge have started a local food project in Ashland, Virginia. Their idea behind all of this is to capture the local food movement in Virginia. They just had their first event this past Sunday with the help of a few friends and friend/guest Chef Brandon Bowles. With each event Chef Jeremy and Jenn are resourcing all of their ingredients from local purveyors, trying to keep it as close to Ashland farms as possible. Their events/dinners are being served with seasonal ingredients and they are doing their best to keep the upcoming schedule diverse and exciting for their local community and beyond. Jeremy comes from a culinary background in Richmond, Virginia and has a deep rooted affection for the outlook of his hometown. Jenn Inge is a photography teacher at Patrick Henry High School in Ashland and spends her summers devoting her time to causes such as Empty Bowls and other charities geared towards ending hunger. This fall and winter there are speculations for a larger event featuring an old fashioned brunswick stew with wild game and Virginia craft beer. Jenn and Jeremy are very eager to reconnect with their community through food. Their hopes are to rediscover the cooperation it takes to create a network of sustainability within the surrounding farms and families.

I was lucky enough to help out with their Sunday Brunch and photograph all of their amazing creations. I also got to try all of the food and I honestly can’t decide what I liked the best! Everything was incredible and I am so proud of all of their hard work to see this through. I am very excited to see what’s in store for the future of Flat Penny Dinners. If this is something you would love to be apart of or attend be sure to like and follow Flat Penny Dinners on Facebook here! Enjoy my favorite photographs from the day and good luck not drooling over the food!!


watermelon & feta salad with basil chiffonade


fig & goat cheese crepe, roasted beets, and a horseradish-honey vinaigrette


lemon-cucumber gazpacho with local hanover tomatoes


and if you have never seen a lemon cucumber before…here it is!


braised rabbit with homemade red & yellow pepper jelly on a slice of star hill stout beer bread with fresh arugula & a fried egg


homemade shortbread & chocolate scones


homemade madelines & custard filled pear tarts


The amazing Chef Jeremy & Chef Brandon!


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