April 29, 2015


I have been super excited to share images from Melissa’s bridal shoot because we did this shoot a year ago!! Melissa and Chris are married so I am now able to share these gorgeous portraits of her. Melissa and I attended Longwood University and I hadn’t been back since I graduated in 2012.  I am so glad we were able to do her portraits here, it was so nice being back on campus. It turned out to be such a beautiful day too! Melissa is so stunning in her lace dress and I was obsessed with her long veil! Her groom Chris will be joining her on the blog next week for their wedding post but in the meantime enjoy the gorgeous Melissa!

2015-04-29_0001 2015-04-29_0023 2015-04-29_0005 2015-04-29_0004 2015-04-29_0008 2015-04-29_0007 2015-04-29_0006 2015-04-29_0009 2015-04-29_0011 2015-04-29_0010 2015-04-29_0013 2015-04-29_0012 2015-04-29_0015 2015-04-29_0014 2015-04-29_0016 2015-04-29_0017 2015-04-29_0018 2015-04-29_0019 2015-04-29_0020 2015-04-29_0021

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