June 2, 2016

Jul & Joe

I was so honored to be apart of Jul and Joe’s wedding day! They had so many incredible family and friends celebrating with them. It was amazing to see so many people come together to witness and celebrate the marriage of these two! Jul and Joe both graduated from JMU but didn’t actually meet until after they had graduated. They met for the first time in DC through mutual friends and hit it off right away. During their first Spring and Summer of dating they spent almost every Sunday in DC or on some adventure throughout the city, which is why we did their engagement session in DC last year. They love exploring new places together and going on adventures!

Jul and Joe were married at the gorgeous St. John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church and their reception was held at the amazing Shadow Creek Weddings & Events! Jul and Joe put so much thought and attention to detail into their wedding day. They really wanted their wedding to incorporate details that were a true reflection of them and the things they love. They definitely did just that! For their love of travel and adventure they added a lot of these elements throughout the reception.

They just moved to Charleston to start their new life together. So instead of traditional flowers all of the bouquets were made from Sweetgrass by a local artisan in Charleston. They wanted to support the local community of their new home and also honor one of Charleston’s signature pieces of history.

Instead of having a traditional cake, they had a large half moon pastry that they cut. Half moons are a typical pastry of Frankfort, NY which is where Joe’s mom, dad, and family grew up. Joe’s grandmother, aunts, and other family members baked traditional Italian cookies for their dessert table.

They chose the dinner menu based on food that they both love and that speaks to who they are. So they had a family style service to mimic an Italian family style meal. All of these thoughtful details really helped personalize and make their day so special!

Jul and Joe, I am so happy to have met you both! It truly was an honor to be able to document your day. I hope you’re enjoying married life and your new adventure in Charleston together! Enjoy my favorites from your incredible day!

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Photographer: Brittany Claud

Second Shooter: Melissa Desjardins

Ceremony Venue: St. John the Apostle Roman Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Shadow Creek Weddings & Events

Wedding Planner: Kari Scruggs | Two River Events, LLC

DJ: Nick Caracciolo

Hair & Makeup Artist: SAS Studio, LLC

Catering: Culinary Delights by Feist

Rentals: Loudoun Event Rentals


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